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My Favorite Things

For 20 years I have kept a list of my favorite things, with categories including gadgets, household items, personal care products, food and drink, and much more. I spend a substantial amount of time thinking about my particular needs and finding the best products to meet these needs. The internet of course has helped a great deal, and - there is no substitute for buying it and giving it a try. The list has also become an interesting window into my younger self – what categories did I include, and how my taste level has changed.

Here are a few current examples:

  • Men’s exercise clothing – Lululemon

  • Sock brand - Stance

  • Bicycle brand – Trek

  • Yogurt – Fage plain 0% Fat

  • Coffee making method – French Press

  • Hair Gel – Kiehl’s

  • TV Show – The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel

  • Movie Musical – La La Land

More (many more) to come

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