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My favorite fitness activity – gets me outside, can raise my heartbeat, sometimes with friends and families, great way to see the world

Philly Sports

You cannot take the Philly out of the boy - Philly sports


I focus on light weightlifting and natural movements on days when I do not ride


Beer & Wine


I am learning to sail at Sag Harbor Sailing


  • ​My favorite coffee shop on the planet – and happens to be downstairs! Amazing coffee, great people, good atmosphere - Interlude

  • The best way to make coffee at home is with a French press and a burr grinder - French Press

  • My favorite at home coffee, is a Starbucks medium to dark roast - Starbucks Yukons


  • I used to be a disco DJ! – here is a good starter list - Disco greatest hits

  • Bob Marley – no more needs to be said – I met him a few times and was backstage at concerts in Philly and NYC - Marley Greatest hits

  • Funk Music – Before Disco it was all funk for me – Earth Wind and Fire, AWB, Isley Brothers, Kool and the Gang, Ohio Players, Rufus and Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder - Funk greatest hits

  • Steely Dan – the shows at the Beacon Theatre are legendary - Steely Dan greatest hits


I bought my first mac in May of 1984 – have been a dedicated enthusiast ever since - Apple

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